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Grow Your Hair with Nuré Spa’s Silky Body Oil!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

In addition to Nuré Silky Body Oil being a massage, body, and bath oil, it is an amazing hair oil. This unique blend of sunflower and Shea butter reduces hair loss while conditioning the scalp, making your coils grow. The more you use this oil, the healthier and stronger the hair shaft will be.

The Silky Body Oil works well if you have suffered heat damage. The process of restoring your tresses takes time, so you must be patient. Look at your curls like a blossoming flower – it takes time and requires patience. When I had heat damage, it took a little over a year to grow back after cutting the damaged areas out. I consistently used the Silky Body Oil with a hot towel as a treatment and made sure not to put as much heat on it to bring my curls back to life.

Here are the benefits of sunflower oil and Shea according to

Improves scalp health. Your roots are the foundation of your hair health, so moisturizing the scalp is essential. Not only does it prevent the dryness of your crown, it also reduces hair loss and thinning hair. Oiling your scalp should be the first step in your hair care regimen.

Stimulates hair growth. Moisture encourages hair growth. The vitamins infused into this oil stops breakage, causing the curls to grow healthier.

Eliminates frizzy hair while providing softness and shine. This oil is especially good in the winter months. It’s a light hair moisturizer, and because Silky Body Oil is a sunflower and Shea blend, a little goes a long way.

Acts as an emollient. Because of its light texture, it can easily penetrate the hair shaft. It also provides lubrication for the hair for manageability.


After shampooing your hair, apply a dime-size or quarter-size amount (depending on your hair length) of Silky Body Oil to your coils.

Warm-up a towel by placing it in the sink with warm water and ring out. Wrap the warm towel around your hair for about 10-15 minutes.

Remove warm towel and style as desired. No need to rinse.

Note: You can do this method as many times a week as you wish.

Other ways:

You can also use it as a nightly oil if you are braiding or twisting your hair before bed.

The Silky Body Oil is available in three scents: Heavenly Hibiscus, Gorgeous Gardenia, and Tantalizing Tuberose.

If you desire a beautiful head of luscious curls, order your Silky Body Oil today.

The Silky Body Oil is included in the Hawaiian Spa Beauty and Bath Gift Set.

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