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7 Reasons why a Sugar Scrub Will Transform Your Skin from Dull to Radiant

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

A sugar scrub should be a part of your skincare routine to achieve supple and flawless skin. The Nuré Spa Sugar Scrub line was inspired by the Moroccan Hammam and its exfoliation techniques. Body scrubbing is an essential part of their culture to keep their skin clean and clear. Our scrub is formulated with organic cane sugar, which is used for shedding away layers of dead cells that are built up over time. You only need a gentle scrub two to three times a week for optimal results.

Here are seven reasons why this sweet treat should be included in your beauty ritual.

Heavenly Hibiscus Sensual Sugar Scrub

1. Sugar gently scrubs away dead skin cells, leaving you with healthy radiant skin.

2. The sugar scrub is non-abrasive and gentle, unlike a salt scrub which often leaves rashes or red marks left behind because of the coarseness. It is especially beneficial to sensitive skin, as the sugar dissolves on the surface, leaving it hydrated.

3. Perfect for after waxing of bikini line and keeps the area from getting irritated and unsightly ingrown hairs.

4. Gets rid of stretch marks off tummy and tush. As we get older and go through life changes with our bodies, it is vital to keep our beauty routine updated. This way we can manage our skin and keep it smooth.

5. Keeps hands and feet soft and delicate, especially during winter months. This time of year, your hands can become drier than usual, and your feet tend to be scaly. It’s is essential to keep a scrub nearby to keep your hands and feet fresh.

6. Sugar scrub is super sensual during a stimulating massage. Especially when it is mixed with Silky Body Oil. Just remember to rinse off!

7. Perfect as a spa ritual in the bath or shower. After you finish, your skin will retain moisture throughout the day.

Heavenly Hibiscus Sugar Scrub

Nuré Spa Sugar Scrub is a luxurious formula that spreads evenly without over-drying. It includes a blend of creamy emollients including Shea, coconut butter, and antioxidant grapeseed oil which protects skin against dehydration and premature aging. It also contains ingredients such as Agave Americana that renew dull-looking skin and honey which provides extra hydration.

It is available in three island scents: Gorgeous Gardenia, Heavenly Hibiscus, and Tantalizing Tuberose. Transform your skin from dull to radiance by ordering your 4 oz jar of sweetness today! Also included in the Hawaiian Spa Beauty and Bath Gift Set.


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