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Awaken Your Sensuality with Pleasure Potion Tea

Awaken your sleepy sensuality with this aphrodisiac tea. Since she is known for pleasuring all of the senses, I call her Pleasure Potion. The loose leaf tea consists of Damiana leaf, which is sourced from the freshest herb garden.

There are four significant benefits of Pleasure Potion Tea:

  1. It intensifies the libido.

  2. Reduces nervousness. This tea will calm your mind, make you more at ease and add a boost of confidence.

  3. Mood enhancement. Perfect for two people who want to enjoy each other and stimulate the sweet spots.

  4. It acts as an inner tonic for the skin. Drink this often, and your skin will have a subtle sensual glow.

I’ve included a recipe card to create a delicious brew. Here is how one client felt about the tea:

After I tried the Pleasure Potion, my body felt relaxed and sensual, and I felt the fire burning inside. The tea tasted sweet and natural and had a pleasant scent. I would highly recommend this to any woman who wants to try something new with her partner.Jesse M., New Jersey

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