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How I Got Started

Once upon a time, there was a young maiden named Mademoiselle Zephorah, who pursued her love of herbs by creating magical healing elixirs. She had been studying this craft for years and decided to elevate her knowledge and skill to the next level by selling these sweet delights. The women of the land had heard about the magical elixirs and began asking her to create a tea that would awaken their sleeping libido. Mademoiselle Zephorah came up with the most brilliant idea she’s ever discovered! Sell aphrodisiac tea! She needed to give it a name that would catch the curiosity of the most curious people. “Hmmm…Pleasure Potion,” she thought, “Because it will simply pleasure all of the senses.”

She did pretty well with the tea, as she sold out at pop up shops and other events and continued to receive requests from clients. She would create tea recipes such as the famed “Naughty Toddy” and also advise women to drink the tea and run a hot sensual bath.

Then another spark of an idea came to her mind- to create a bath and body line surrounding Pleasure Potion! More brilliance!

She decided to do more research with this idea, so she traveled far and wide west, to the magical Island of Hawaii. While visiting, she took a trip to a flower garden. As she walked along, some scents captivated her own senses. Mmm… the delicate fragrance of Gardenia and the passionate aroma of Hibiscus, she couldn’t resist! And decided that these would be a part of her new line. She then enchanted lotions and potions with these essences and then she became Enchantress Zephorah.

When she traveled back east, she created the Hawaiian Spa Beauty & Bath Gift Set for purchase, and both women and men alike loved it!

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